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Apr OtR: Utilization tells more about industry direction than rounds

Volume 21 Issue 04

Why Utilization is Better Industry Bellwether vs. Rounds

Fourth quarter of '21 and first quarter of '22 are providing a meaningful education and textbook support for my (and Stuart's) above assertion. While we're trying to measure the impact and speed of consumers returning to more pre-COVID activities and what that portends for golf, Mother Nature is dragging us on a monthly seesaw pattern of double-digit favorability and unfavorability just to screw up our crystal ball and projections. This perfect storm of transitioning demand and weather variability makes the perfect case (and we'll provide the illustration across the last 15 months) for why Utilization Rate and its Point Change are the primary barometers for our attention.  

  • Q4 '21 rounds were off 8% and Q1 '22 rounds were off 7% but, in Utilization, they represented two very different pictures (Q4 down double-digits, Q1 flat)
  • Tracking Utilization and Point change over the last 15 months shows that we're slowly drifting back to reality (sub-70% levels we saw in H2 '20/H1 '21) but we're seeing support in Q1 that we may be able to hold 60% or better. This would be considerably better than our pre-COVID trading range of 52-55% over more than a decade
  • Utilization also allows us to move across different geographies (both markets and within markets, like Chicago has 5 unique weather stations and, periodically, divergent weather) as well as to aggregate the myriad local situations into key markets, weather-based regions and the national picture (handy for equity investors, national equipment providers, multi-course operators, PoS providers and general industry service providers (consultants, appraisers, brokers etc.)) 

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