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Aug OtR: We Know Considerably More in Jul '21 than Jul '20

Volume 20 Issue 08

July '21 Industry Health Metrics vs. July '20:
We Know Considerably More This Year

This time last year we were on the cusp on an unprecedented surge in both demand (rounds) and participation (new & returning golfers) but we had limited breadth of visibility to either see it coming or track it during the surge.  This led to Pellucid's decision in January '21 to launch our Golf Market Research Center (GMRC) so that, during and at the end of the '21 season, our clients and Pellucid would know more of the key metrics, the trendlines and the forecast en route to December.  Thanks to our merry little band of intrepid and independent thinking owner/operators (AKA the GMRC Charter Members), we know considerably more this July than past, some of which I'll share with this broader audience tuned into the Pellucid channel (to get the full picture, you'll have to join our merry little band for the princely sum of...$500/yr per facility).  


The question before us in July '20 was, "How much of a rebound will we get as one of the few "approved recreational activities" during COVID?"  The question in July of '21 is "How much of the rounds, revenue and participant surge can we retain as social restrictions due to COVID relax?" (complicated slightly by the unforeseen Delta strain emergence)  Toward that end, we'll take a past, present and future perspective on what we know using the GMRC and our 7 KPIs, courtesy of the national-aggregated results of our Charter Members:

  • What we knew in July '20 - Rounds were up 20% vs. '19 for the month (first month of the COVID "bounce"), that brought the Year-to-Date figure into positive territory (+3%) as well
  • What we know in July '21 - As we lap the COVID surge months from '20, rounds are proving resilient, golf revenue gains are even stronger and, coupled with the flat weather impact, Utilization and Revenue-per-Available Round (RevpAR) are equally robust.  We also know that Rate-per-Played Round is stronger and the Discount Rate (Achieved Avg. Greens Fee compared to Peak GF Rate) is up modestly (that's a positive indicator, I'll explain in the article)
  • What we're projecting in rounds demand for the balance of '21 - I'll share elements of Pellucid/Edgehill's crystal ball, where we think the year end rounds number will land and what the odds are currently for Jim winning his Scott/Stuart bet (Jim's side is we fall short of last year's 493M rounds, right now the odds are favoring Scott/Stuart)
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Golf Market Research Center (GMRC)
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