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July OtR: Does the heat hurt golf?

Volume 21 Issue 07

Can it be too hot for golf?
You don’t know unless you can quantify heat’s impact

At the national level, it’s been a relatively benign first half to ’22 relative to the number and severity of extreme weather events.  As I pointed out however in the June Weather Impact summary, despite that, it’s been one of those “sneaky poor” years so far with Golf Playable Hours down 9% Year-to-Date (YtD).  This relative placidity has given way recently to an extended, broad geography heat wave which is breaking high temperature records across large portions of the US.  In light of that, I thought we’d take a tour this month of Pellucid’s weather impact tools, Cognilogic (historical) and Foresight (forecast) to put some numbers on how that impacts capacity rounds which historically dampens actual rounds demand.

  • A quick primer on weather impact and how we (attempt to) translate automated capture of local weather data from consistent stations into Golf Playable Hours and Capacity Rounds.  This differs from alternate historical industry approaches like self-reported, arbitrary Golf Playable Days (the old PerformanceTrak method) or Tee Sheet Utilization (number of rounds booked (not necessarily even played after factoring out no-shows) vs. available tee sheet times which introduces the vagaries of changing daylight hours and no weather impact)
  • A look at how the heat has impacted Capacity Rounds for one weather station in our Cognilogic system for the month of July when the mercury rises into the mid-90s and above and the quantification of that likely “hit” to demand
  • We’ll then look at the same market through the lens of our Foresight 60-day forecast Capacity Rounds weather impact tool and see whether things will get better or worse over the next 30 days; again not just trying to figure up/down but quantifying what the likely impact magnitude will be for future revenue planning and marketing programming
  • Finally, we’ll show you how those numbers get combined with one of our GMRC subscribers’ data in that market translating into the 2 metrics that matter: Golf Revenue-per-Available-Round (GRevpAR) and Utilization

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