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July's weather impact results again underwhelmed vs. any comparative measure as Golf Playable Hours (GPH) were down 2% compared to the same month last year. That continues the Year-to-Date (YtD) results as flat (up fractionally) vs. a poor '18. YtD regional GPH breadth remains neutral at 1:1 with 13 favorable regions countered by 19 unfavorable regions (with 13 in the neutral zone of +/- 2% with all regions now in full swing). Looking at weather impact performance by day-of-week for the YtD period, both weekparts (weekday vs. weekend) are essentially flat but, within dayparts (Mon-Sun) there are meaningful variances with Friday and Saturdays being the "biggest losers" (ouch). The Year-End (YE) forecast continues to provide encouragement that the remaining months of the year will provide favorability and a slight "tailwind" (our subscribers know this number, everyone else will have to either guess or order one of our weather impact reports/services (see link below) to know how much of a tailwind).

Played Rounds data for June published by Golf Datatech were mathematically flat (i.e. 0%) producing a modest Utilization gain for the month (we'll take it!). For the YtD period, rounds are off modestly against marginally favorable weather so we're still showing a fractional Utilization decline through June.  As always, beneath this national picture, there are winners and losers in both Played Rounds and Utilization Rates among the 61 key Markets (including Pellucid's designated Top 25 markets) and this next-level-detail of results is also available to Pellucid Publications members and Geographic Weather Impact report subscribers.

Jim Koppenhaver comments, "I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get several points of favorability out of July. It's typically a relatively low-variance month (i.e. don't usually see huge swings in temps or precip that disqualify hours using our rules) and playing against a relatively low figure for July '18 I thought we'd put some positive points on the board weather-wise. It's also what I call "apex month" for weather and rounds so any upside would get disproportionate weighting and help the YtD cause. Instead we got a modest decline in weather so I don't expect to see a rounds demand increase next month when Golf Datatech releases those figures. There were a couple of unfavorable market anomalies that didn't help us such as (Pellucid hometown) Chicago's GPH being down nearly 10% vs. last year due to a combination of precipitation as well as heat/index crossing the GPH threshold several days in July. Our year-end forecast is still showing "up" but I'm growing concerned that we're getting later in the season without any forward progress on the weather front."

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