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May OtR: ’22 Golf Consumer Base up for 3rd Consecutive Year!

Volume 22 Issue 05

2022 Golf Consumer Franchise:
Third consecutive growth year!

The results are in from our annual May ritual of analyzing and releasing the “Pellucid version” of the National Sporting Goods Association’s (NSGA) consumer survey on participation, frequency and New-to-Sport (NtS) attraction for golf.  That marks a 3rd consecutive year of growth in the golfer base and a cumulative gain of ~2.3M golfers from the ’19 base level when the downward trend was first reversed.  While the growth (happily) continues, the dynamics of that growth are changing from an influx of NtS (’20) to higher rates of retention and returning golfers (’21-’22).  We’re also seeing a gradual rotation of golf’s demographics back to the pre-COVID, older, more affluent, less-diverse profile suggesting that the sport’s appeal still has some gravitational-like pull based in discretionary time, money and tradition.

True to our historical form in analyzing the golfer base, we’ll look at the three indicators of size, demographics and involvement through the lens of the ’22 results and what significantly changed from the ’21 values:

  • Size – We had a net gain in ’22 of ~900K (wow!) with the golfer base eclipsing 22M (excluding NGF’s entertainment and virtual golfers dimension) for the first time since ’13 (on our previous way down to our nadir of ~20M golfers). In the full issue, we’ll further outline the key metrics of Play Rate (rds per capita) and its component measures of Participation and Frequency (rds/golfer/yr) Rates
  • Demographics – The golfer base gains were led by males, the 35-54 lifestage (which we term Mid-career) and the $100K+ income groups; the notable, and encouraging, shift being the gain by Gen X whereas previously gains have been led by the Silent/Baby Boomer generations
  • Involvement – The distribution of golfers across our 4 involvement levels (Singles, Casuals, Involveds, Committeds) was relatively steady as our preferred measure of engagement (% of golfers in Involved + Committed) was 51.0% in ’22, down from 51.5% in ‘21

This is just the tip of the iceberg for facts and findings from the ’22 golfer survey; for our subscribers, read on to get all the details, what’s changing and implications for our industry and your business in ’23 and beyond.  For everyone else, you can get the rest of the story one of three ways:

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As always, we appreciate your support and partnership on our journey to help intelligent industry stakeholders make better-informed decisions, unbiased by industry dreams, hopes and "spin."

Jim K.


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