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Nov. OtR: 2022 Results Preview, Where Do We Grow From Here

Volume 21 Issue 11

Where Do We Grow From Here?

In the November Perspective, I wrote an article headlined “We’ve had a great season, where are all the cheerleaders?” that I’m going to further support and explain here.  One of my suggested hypothetical answers to the question is that the Five Families which generally take the mantle of advancing the game’s/industry’s interest don’t have any quantitative information, outside of public domain rounds played percent changes year-to-year, to analyze the impact of pandemic and endemic COVID on our sport.

I’ll admit that Pellucid is still miles away from having the breadth and depth of knowledge we’d like to have to understand golf’s success over the past 4 seasons (’19 being the pre-COVID baseline, ’20-’22 being the post-COVID party), but, rather than curse the darkness, we’ve assembled a “coalition of the willing” with our Golf Market Research Center participants which gives us a unique perspective on those 4 years across 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the results are just shy of unbelievable.  In this issue, I’ll take a look at the annual trajectory of those KPIs from ’19-22, October Year-to-Date, and what they tell us:

  • What do the raw numbers (Golf Revenue, Rounds, Rate-per-Round; unadjusted for weather impact) tell us about the annual growth “steps” and the ’19-’22 span?

  • What do the more important, weather-adjusted numbers (Capacity Rounds, % Utilization, Golf Revenue per Available Round (GRevpAR) tell us after factoring out weather?  Is the story still great or simply good?

  • What future forces will shape the ’23-’25 trajectory of golf? (continuing momentum, recession, work-from-home, player development/retention etc.)

For our subscribers, read on to get the supporting facts and insights.  For everyone else, you can get the rest of the story one of three ways:

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    • National Consumer Franchise Health Scorecard (expanded data and tables underlying this issue's summary figures)
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    • Facility-level Cognilogic historical weather impact portal/reports access, Golf Playable Hours & Capacity Rounds by day in current month, by months in current year and by day-of-week in current year with comparisons to Year Ago and the 10-Yr Norm
    • Facility-level Foresight 60-day Capacity Rounds forecast, select forecast weather elements (hi/lo temp, daily precip etc.), variance to last year and long-term Normal. Not infallible but better than guessing or trying to collect all that yourself and organize it manually…
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