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Oct OtR Abstract: Some surprises in new Golf Supply on Sale Profile

US Golf Supply on Sale:
A Size and Shape Profile
 Volume 18 Issue 10

I've often commented that some of our best ideas come from our subscribers and readers and this topic/issue is yet another example. Egotistically, I like to think it's because we count among our followers the best and brightest thinkers in our little (multi-billion dollar) cottage industry. The suggestion came to me that our recent addition of Comings & Goings to the Pellucid Perspective was missing a key element, "What's on the market?" That set me down a path of trying to quantify and profile golf supply on sale in the US starting with this point in time and then exploring the potential to track it longitudinally (over time) going forward.  
In this issue I'll provide a topline of our initial inventory of golf supply on sale in the US. Scouring the public domain and multiple sources (some better and more consistent than others but each source provided one piece of the puzzle), we were able to compile a list of just under 200 facilities for sale across all types and geographies and ranging in price from <$500K to >$20M (obviously a resort property which includes a golf course). Here's what we'll share from that completed work in this issue:
  • The amount of supply and "shape" currently for sale tilts to public vs. private and, within public, Learning & Practice is disproportionately for sale vs. Regulation-length supply. Within Regulation, the Premium segment is disproportionately for sale (harken back to Pellucid's assertion since '01 that the industry had overbuilt premium, pristine & penal golf)
  • Looking at the asking price distribution across Pellucid-defined ranges, the largest share of sale prices is in the $500-$999K range with a median listing value across all sale inventory of $1.4M. In the issue we'll table those listing prices across 7 ranges that we defined and then break that down between Private, Public-Regulation and Learning & Practice
  • We'll also look at golf on sale across geographies/markets and provide a topline of which Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) have the highest number of properties for sale and, more importantly, which over-index relative to their total supply (i.e. 1 property for sale in Chicago is no big deal, 1 in Casper, WY represents >10% of the golf supply being "on the market")
While this is only a snapshot in time and obviously isn't all-inclusive or necessarily projectable to national numbers, it provides some interesting insights on golf for sale in the US. We're also in discussion with our IGDB consortium on incorporating this data and maintaining it ongoing as part of enhancing and extending that asset (for more information on IGDB or to inquire about licensing it, click here). 
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