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Outside the Ropes Dec: What does a "model" golf industry foundation do?

The Model Golf Industry Foundation

In the November OtR, you’ll recall that I made the (unexpected) case that there is a need and role for a golf industry foundation.  I also pointed out that we don’t need two golf industry foundations so whether it’s the “national” or “world” golf foundation that attempts to fill the unique role I outlined is up to the political powers that exert influence over “foundation-land.”  I had also promised to outline in this year-end issue what I believe the roles and key functions of a golf industry foundation should be. 

Recall that I had outlined the broad scope of a necessary and useful industry foundation as providing strategic insights and recommendations for industry growth, intermediating between parties with disparate interests to facilitate that growth and providing cost-efficient cooperative information services that aren’t in the domain of the primary industry stakeholders.  Within that self-imposed framework, let’s explore what a golf industry foundation should be doing:

  • Providing strategic insights for growth – No one has yet to define the root cause and key segments of annual golfer “churn” addressing understanding what drives our annual inflow (who’s coming) and exodus (who’s leaving).  Given that solving this is at the heart of industry growth, this should be a top priority for the industry foundation
  • Intermediating between disparate parties to facilitate growth – This is where the current parties are better suited; they’re great diplomats and politicians, they just need better guidance systems to using their skills toward issues that matter
  • Providing cost-efficient information services – Things like a detailed annual consumer survey, facility database, benchmarking, price trends etc. where centralizing and right-skilling make sense for quality and economy

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