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Apr OtR Abstract: Is TopGolf Accretive or Dilutive to Golf? Yes

Volume 18 • Number 4

Is TopGolf Accretive to Golf?
Yes & No 

The hype machine for Off-Course Golf (I coined this as "golfertainment" in considering the outsize influence of TopGolf-type formats) is moving into hyperdrive illustrated by the NGF's most recent article headlined, "Off-Course Golf: How Big Can It Get?"  While the article makes no attempt to answer the headline question, in fairness, no one really knows, it's undeniable and quantitatively proven that off-course golf is growing substantially and that fact poses interesting sub-questions of "Who benefits from this growth?" and "Is this growth accretive or dilutive to the existing industry business model?"
Recognizing that this is a big and complex topic and Pellucid's penchant for wanting to sail in waters where there's at least some quantitative "wind" to guide the discussion, I'm going to limit the scope of this issue to the following:

  • How do we define the 3 distinct subgroups of off-course golf and their differences/similarities in appeal and experience? (driving range exclusives, simulator golfers and golfertainment guests)
  • How does off-course golf contribute to the larger picture of "golf exposure" as a gateway to participants and rounds?  In Consumer Goods marketing we called this the cycle of awareness/trial/repeat/loyalty; does off-course golf contribute anything to the legacy industry beyond awareness?  Does it need to?
  • For the primary stakeholders in the legacy golf industry business model (owner/operators, consumer equipment manufacturers, facility equipment manufacturers, turf care products providers etc.) does it help or hurt their future prospects?  

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