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Mar OtR Abstract: We Know the Top US Golf Market, do you?

Volume 18 • Number 3

San Diego Continues Reign as Healthiest US Golf Market
Pellucid’s Top 25 US Golf Markets-2019 Edition 

Part of the perversity of being an analyst by trade and at heart is I get an unusual sense of anticipation when new information becomes available that gives me the most recent perspective and also allows me to see how things have changed since the previous observation.  I know, that's sick, but it really is the way folks like me are wired.  So the recent completion of the update of our Golf Local Market Analyzer (GLMA) tool opened the opportunity to update our Top 25 US Golf Markets Health Scorecard for my amusement and which I'll share with our readers in this month's issue focusing on the findings and implications both in the absolute and compared to our last scorecard.  

It's hard to believe but it was '05 when we created and published our inaugural Top 25 US Golf Markets Health Scorecard and the '19 version is our sixth update and enhancement from that original version.  Over the years we’ve added measures and made refinements but many of the core metrics have stood the test of time which gives us the ability to measure change over time for each of the 25 markets (we call this timeseries analysis). In this issue I’ll cover highlights of the report with the intent of teasing some meaningful number of you to eventually purchase it either as part of the comprehensive Pellucid Publications Membership or as a stand-alone report:

  • How did we arrive at the universe of the Top 25 markets and, within that universe, what are the "component measures" of a market’s health as it relates to golf? (Population dynamics, number of golfers, annual rounds demand, supply level and mix, golf playable hours/capacity rounds)
  • What "composite metrics" are particularly useful in comparing one market to another? (Population size/change, Play Rate (annual rounds per capita), Golfers-per-supply, Supply/Demand Equilibrium, Utilization Rate (weather-adjusted throughput) and estimated Revenue-per-Available-Round (RevpAR, weather-adjusted revenue generation))
  • The summary table of the Top 25 markets ranking, the distribution of their 7 composite metrics (Above/Average/Below) vs. the US average, relative movement vs. the Pellucid's last scorecard/ranking (up/down/similar) and commentary
  • What are the general observations and implications of markets and their movement; are things getting better/worse or staying the same?

San Diego remains atop our list as the healthiest of US Golf Markets but, below #1, there's plenty of action and movement and LA continues to challenge its neighbor to the south for supremacy.  That said, our aim with the updated report and this OtR issue is to provide an educated opinion on which markets are healthier, not necessarily the definitive answer to “Which is the absolute best and quantitatively how much better is it?”  As our Pellucid loyalists and anyone following our work over the years knows, we’re incrementalists, refusing to let great be the enemy of good.  Eventually we aspire to quantify and know with greater certainty the relative ranking of market health and the absolute differences within that list but for now we’ll light a candle vs. cursing the darkness.

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