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Pellucid Releases '19 Enhanced Golf Local Market Analysis Tools

Pellucid announces the '19 year-end data update and enhanced reports release of our industry-standard market analysis tool, the Golf Local Market Analyzer (GLMA). Released to our annual subscribers in July, the early reviews by our power users have been favorable. During a recent demonstration to an analyst using the competitive NGF product, we asked what's different. His reply, "The math's better, more breadth of applications and better data export capabilities to combine with our other data sources."
The GLMA provides analysis of any US geography on the following dimensions:
  • Map of the draw areas or standard geography with facilities by type and median household income plotted (new this year, distinction between munis and for-profits, also includes courses closed since '10)
  • Facility list with facts on location, number of holes, year built, Muni flag, weekend greens fee, Pellucid consumer-based facility type (Public-Premium/Value/Price) and proximity to the subject facility
  • Closed Facilities List (NEW!): Closed facilities/holes since '10 in study area
  • Population: Demographics, historical growth rates, 5 year future projections
  • Local golfer base size, average frequency and Play Rate (rounds per capita)
  • Golfer Base History report (NEW!): Shows changes in the size of the golfer base since '05 and growth/decline in size and rate for total/last 10/last 5 year periods
  • Rounds potential figures and indices weighted by income, age and ethnicity (a Pellucid exclusive, essential for high diversity or "transition" demographic areas)
  • Rounds demand history: Shows changes in facility-reported rounds since '00 and growth/decline in size and rate Compound Annual Change Rate (CACR) for total/last 10/last 5 year periods
  • Supply/Demand History: Changes in supply/demand since '00 and gap to '00 benchmark (equilibrium), % over/under-supply; how many "excess" holes?
  • Supply/Demand Profile: Size (facilities, holes, rounds) and composition by Pellucid consumer-based facility types (Private, Learning & Practice, Pub-Premium, Pub-Value, Pub-Price), includes key velocity (annual rds per 18-hole equivalent) and % Utilization (new variable of weather incorporated!)
  • Weather Impact, '19/'18/'17 Capacity Rounds and 10-year average using the assigned Pellucid regional weather station and our proprietary Golf Playable Hours calculations (industry exclusive!)
The above battery of reports can be run for either standard geographies (States, Counties, Markets (DMAs or CBSAs)) or point geographies (golf course trade area defined by either Drivetime Minutes or Mile Radii).
As you enter "planning season" for 2021, you can add this to your arsenal one of three ways:
  • GLMA annual license - Unlimited number of analyses anywhere you can access the internet via a user name and password-protected web portal. Go nuts for one fixed annual amount!
  • GLMA Factbook - Multi-worksheet Excel workbook with the above set of reports for up to 3 draw areas or 1 standard geography (i.e. market)
  • Pellucid Publications Membership (PPM, Local) - This complete suite of Pellucid annual reports and publications also includes a GLMA project workbook for the area of your choice
You can have this comprehensive market view in your hands in less than 2 business days. New licenses setup and training can happen within a week. Given this reality, why people still guess at their market's size, shape and health is beyond us
To make the offer more interesting (yes, this is the "call to action"), we'll include the more comprehensive Pellucid Weather snapshot for the market's weather station at no additional charge (that's a $100 value) for any GLMA Factbook or PPM order until midnight CDT Monday 8/31. Order now and, within days, you'll be armed with unbiased, independent facts about the health of your market for your '21 planning or presentations to owners or government representatives. It's one facet of competing more effectively in the ongoing challenging golf industry environment and being adopted by more of your competitors each year.