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Registration: Pellucid Technology-Enabled Insights (Jan 24, 2019 02:00 pm - 03:15 pm)

This registration is for the Pellucid Technology-Enabled Insights worksession in Orlando.

Pellucid Technology-Enabled Insights worksession: Thursday, 1/24/19, 2:00-3:15PM EST during the PGA Merchandising Show in Room W312C.Jim Koppenhaver, Stuart Lindsay and Mike Dickoff will do online demonstrations of 4 of the tools we have collectively built and deployed which help golf stakeholders make better-informed decisions with speed and certainty (vs. "we think, we feel, we believe"). The following analysis tools will be demonstrated:

·Golf Local Market Analyzer - assess any facility/draw area in the 48 contiguous states for health and benchmark values...in 10 minutes or less

·Cognilogic Facility Weather Impact portal - Retrieve and compare Golf Playable Hours/Capacity Rounds at facility-level for any golf course in the US and how to export that to combine with played rounds and determine Utilization levels and patterns

·Internet Golf Course Database (IGDB) - The ability to retrieve, filter and analyze course supply, type, holes and pricing for any geography in the US (of particular interest to suppliers, analysts, service providers)

·Weather Impact Forecast portal [NEW!] - After countless conversations in which potential Cognilogic prospects state that the "past" weather is no good without the "future" picture, we're now prepared to bring you 1.0 of our crystal ball. We'll demonstrate the working prototype which forecasts Capacity Rounds for the balance of the current month and the future months within the current calendar year.

Depending on how brave we're feeling that day (and the quality of our internet connection), we may even take on-the-fly requests from the floor to retrieve information on your facility, market, area-of-interest. Technology isn't just for running your back-end systems anymore; there's a wealth of information at your fingertips, quickly and affordably but it won't just fall in your lap (and the legacy core technology players aren't necessarily making it easy for you to move data and integrate sources). See you there!

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