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Pellucid Unveils Groundbreaking Golf Weather Forecasting

Pellucid Unveils Groundbreaking
Golf Weather Forecasting
Pellucid and Edgehill Golf Advisors are introducing a 60-Day dynamic forecasting tool based on its proprietary formula for Golf Playable Hours. Developed in collaboration with our longtime partners at WeatherBank and its parent company, global weather and digital media leader AccuWeather; these forecasts incorporate 30 years of hourly weather data into new capabilities resulting from the integration of WeatherBank and AccuWeather forecasting methodologies.
The above graph for a major US metro area illustrates the results from an excel spreadsheet using 30 Year data, which is included with each report and details high/low daily temperatures and precipitation levels. It also reflects our proprietary additional variables based on wind, heat/humidity and season start/end calculations. The additional use of 10 Year Normal data also reflects the increasing volatility of weather patterns in more recent history. You will note that the 2020 weather forecast for this major metro area happens to be very favorable overall – fortunately this appears to be true for several other test markets we have run for 2020 so far.
The development of this application is the culmination of a process that began in 2015 with the acquisition of WeatherBank. “WeatherBank maintains an expansive proprietary database of nearly 40,000 weather and environmental products and comprehensive historical record of hourly and daily weather information unavailable anywhere else. Steve Root, WeatherBank CEO, is one of the most respected leaders in the weather industry. His association with AccuWeather is a major plus for the company and for the weather industry,”  said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder and CEO, AccuWeather.
The integration of the two companies has resulted in unparalled forecasting innovation. “AccuWeather's and proven track record of superior forecast accuracy has been well documented. In the most comprehensive study of forecast accuracy ever undertaken, AccuWeather was reconfirmed as having the most accurate forecasts by third-party industry tracker ForecastWatch. In the latest global 4-year study (2015-2018) of 120 million forecasts in over 1,000 locations, AccuWeather ranked #1 above all other competitors in all categories verified - temperature, precipitation and wind.” January 14, 2020.
“We have been fortunate to have Steve Root personally involved in the development of our Golf Forecasting application over the last 2 years,” said Jim Koppenhaver, President of Pellucid Corp. “We have been working with WeatherBank for 15 years, and Steve has been a prime contributor to our Cognilogic weather applications used to produce Course Utilization and Revenue per Available Round metrics; and the forecasting tool will greatly enhance our capabilities to provide weather-based assistance to golf courses.”
“In addition to providing improved targeted marketing opportunities, the application can provide guidance on chemical application windows, staffing and other activities such as swimming and outdoor tennis, which share similar weather usage characteristics,” said Stuart Lindsay of Edgehill. He has already run several markets and is impressed with the ways the data can inform operators of a variety of opportunities to better manage their operations.
While we have not finalized all our delivery and access logistics, we can provide these new reports in time for the important (and very variable) northern climate season opening period to a select number of golf course clients. Reports may be ordered at www.pellucidcorp.com at a one time cost of $150. As we finalize our annual subscription access and pricing, all one time report fees, for a limited time,will be credited back to those options.
You may also contact Stuart Lindsay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 414-520-7088 with questions. As with many other Pellucid services, he will also be available to answer questions for those who purchase the reports as well.
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