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Customer Franchise Analysis (CFA)

FORE! Reservations clients only

Business Application
Assesses the size, health of and changes in your customer base on an annual basis and intra-season monthly updates. Informs refinements in the current marketing plan based on customer retention, new customer replay and reward and recognition of current most valuable customers.

Developed in conjunction with Edgehill Golf Advisors, the CFA takes advantage of the FORE! Reservations integrated tee sheet and Point-of-Sale (PoS) feature which ties unique customers to individual transactions. Leveraging this "passive tie" in the PoS system, we have created a series of queries that answer key business questions for clients such as:

  • What part of your revenue increase/decrease is due to changes in the customer base size vs. changes in the customer base behavior? (period transactions or spend per transaction)
  • What is your customer retention rate?
  • How many new customers have you acquired?
  • Do you have favorable or unfavorable customer base turnover? (i.e. does the quantity and spending of "acquireds" exceed the "defectors")
  • What percent of your customer base comprises the Top 60% of your revenue, are their spending patterns increasing, holding steady or declining?
  • What is your customer contact information quantity and quality, is it improving or declining? (i.e. for what % of customers do you have emails, what % of your top customers are lacking emails, is this getting better?)
  • For each key customer group (acquireds, defectors, most valuables, retaineds) we produce an email contact list from the client's PoS system to be used in targeted, differential messaging communications

Excel summary Scorecard, two-page Adobe .pdf report and Excel spreadsheets with contact information by key customer groups outlined above
Available as either a one-time report or an initial analysis followed by monthly updates delivered via email

For a sample summary Scorecard, register HERE

Annual baseline report, within 5 business days of PoS data receipt.
Monthly tracking within 10 business days of month close

Annual baseline report (last full calendar year): $495
Monthly tracking report: $75/month (6 month minimum)

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