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Facility Performance Scorecard (FPS)

Business Application
Provides rounds and revenue breakdown incorporating weather impact of facility performance in a monthly diagnostic scorecard which identifies the key drivers of facility performance. Produces a single, comparative period report which saves time and effort relative to running standard PoS system reports for single time periods and merging the two reports. Provides monthly and day-of-week analyses. Identifies opportunity areas in the business for corrective action or, in the case where weather's impact is the sole driver, provides support to continue the current plan.

The facility performance scorecard combines three primary business barometers in one comparative period report: Revenue, Rounds Played and Capacity Rounds. Through various metrics derived from these three measures, this report provides answers to the question of what's driving favorable or unfavorable revenue and rounds trends for the report period. Starting with rounds played and Percent Utilization and ending with Revenue-per-Available Round (RevpaR), this report answers the following performance questions for client facilities:

  • What was the Percent Utilization for the period (weather available Rounds Played/Weather Available Capacity Rounds); how much of my performance improvement/decline was due to weather?
  • What was my Revenue performance level and change for key revenue classifications for the period compared to the similar period last year? (i.e. Total, Greens Fee, Cart, Memberships, Pro Shop, F&B etc.). We help clients standardize and clean up their revenue classifications using seven basic subgroups (Greens Fee, Cart, Memberships, Range, Merchandise, F&B, Misc) below Total Revenue for reporting purposes.
  • What was my Rate performance level (Revenue per Round Played) and change for key revenue classifications for the period compared to the similar period last year? This allows us to determine how much of revenue performance was driven by volume vs. rate change (i.e. did revenue go down because of a loss of rounds or a lower rate on similar rounds or a combination of both?). This is also reported for Total Revenue and the seven revenue subgroups.
  • What was my weather-adjusted revenue performance? By incorporating Pellucid's proprietary facility-level weather information on Capacity Rounds, we can produce RevpaR for Total Revenue and the seven revenue subgroups calculating whether weather-neutral performance was better or worse than the previous year.

Excel spreadsheet summary Scorecard of key measures, results, Excel workbook of underlying trend data for monthly periods. Can be done currently in FORE! Reservations with monthly facility Pellucid upload of specific rounds and revenue files. Have capability to do with other PoS systems but requires manual transfer of monthly data.

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Annual baseline report, within 5 business days of PoS data receipt.
Monthly tracking within 10 business days of month close

Annual baseline report (last full calendar year): $395
Monthly tracking report: $50/month (6 month minimum)

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