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National Golf Consumer Franchise Health Scorecard

Business application:
Provides both a summary and underlying measures view of the size and change of the consumer franchise.  This is used by clients to quantify the size and health of the potential consumer base for rounds and products.  It also provides the “shape” of that franchise (golfers, frequency, play rate, involvement, demographics etc.) which is helpful for strategy and business planning.

Scorecard for the current year (lags the calendar year by one year as survey is fielded in 1st quarter of current year) which includes the below measures:

  • Number of US golfers (7+):  Current year and % change vs. Prior Year (PY)
  • Play Dynamics:  Participation (% of 7+ US Population)/Frequency (Rds/Golfer/Yr)/Play Rate (Rds/Capita/Yr), current year and % change vs. PY
  • Demographics (Gender, Age, Income subdivisions), Involvement (Committeds/Involveds/Casuals), current year and % change vs. PY
  • History & Projection to 2020 of golf consumer base size

Format & Delivery:
Excel workbook with the following 3 tabs, one annual report delivered via email

  1. Summary table of key measures (size, gender, age, involvement) and change direction indicators
  2. Detail table of values for current year and PY
  3. History and projections table and graph leading to 2020 golfer base size projection

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