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US Golf Supply On Sale Profile

US Golf Supply on Sale Profile:
Initial Insights into Golf Listings Market, Profile and Geographies

The US Golf Supply on Sale Profile report compiles information from multiple sources on current listings, enhances those listings with Pellucid dimensions from the Internet Golf Course Database (IGDB) and then applies benchmarks to identify significant deviations from the expected "norm."  This report answers the following basic questions about the current listings inventory:

  • What percent of US golf supply is currently on sale?
  • How does the distribution/profile of listings differ from the current total supply composition on the dimensions of Pellucid's 5 facility types, format (18+ holes vs. <18) and year built (1970 and prior vs. post-'70)?
  • What is the median and distribution of listing prices across 7 price ranges and the Pellucid facility types
  • What is the distribution of listings across the 210 US Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) and the comparative "on sale" rate vs. the national average?

The US Golf Supply on Sale Profile is delivered in an Excel workbook containing the following:

  • Summary tables of the above views and dimensions
  • By-facility list of current listed facilities with facility name, city/state, public/private fields, number of holes and listing price (for those available, 85%+)

The Profile can be acquired one of two ways:

  • As a component of the Pellucid Publications Membership ($495 annual). The PPM includes the following elements:
    • Outside the Ropes Newsletter (12 issues, $130 if purchased separately)
    • State of the Industry Report (presentation slides and commentary report, $249 if purchased separately)
    • Weather Impact Tracking (two versions)
      • National - monthly US & 45 regions report on Golf Playable Hours (GPH) and % Utilization ($299 if purchased separately)
      • Local - Cognilogic facility-level web service access to daily GPH ($180 first year if purchased separately)
    • Market Analysis (two versions)
      • National - Top 25 US Golf Markets Scorecard & Ranking ($495 if purchased separately)
      • Local - Golf Local Market Analyzer Factbook for 1 location and 3 draw areas ($450 if purchased separately)
    • US Golf Consumer Franchise Profile, annual report on the size, change, key demographics and involvement level of the golfer base ($199 if purchased separately)
    • US Golf Listings Profile (outlined above)
  • As a single, stand-alone report - $299, cash-on-the-barrelhead