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What does Cinnabar Hills say about Pellucid's Voice of the Local Golfer surveys?


What are the top five things Ron Zraick, general manager and partner at Cinnabar Hills GC in San Jose, CA, wanted to know about his customers?

  1. What share of golf is he getting?
  2. How does his facility rate against the competitors?
  3. What is Cinnabar Hill’s Net Promoter Rating?
  4. How do golfers value a weekend round of golf with cart?
  5. Where do local golfers go to find deals on golf?

“We got the answers to all this and lots more with a Pellucid Voice of Local Golfer survey”, reports Zraick. “Pellucid did a survey for us in 2008 and we felt it was time to do one again. The earlier survey gave us something to benchmark against. We wanted to find out how we rated, and how much the market had changed. We were pleased to learn that Cinnabar Hills maintained the top rating of courses in our competitive set; but were we surprised at how the market behavior has changed.”

“As a market leader Cinnabar Hills’ ownership knows the pressure of staying on top. They’ve achieved this over an extended period of time and we congratulate them. What faces them now that was revealed in the survey are several key market factors: In 2008 we learned that area golfers played 7-8 courses annually. In 2014 that has jumped to 10-11. In 2008 just over 50% of golfers used GolfNow. In 2014 that has jumped to 83% (anyone see a correlation?). And in 2008 the market indicated some room for a rate increase. In 2014, you have to be very careful and use demand based pricing to maximize rate.”

Continues Zraick, “We like to think of ourselves as fairly smart golf course operators. But the market continues to change and it’s important to know other smart people to turn to for research, analysis, and advice. That’s why we choose Pellucid – the value and experience they bring far exceeds the amount I write on their check.”

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