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We’re Shaping Golf Industry History

Pellucid was founded in 2001 with a vision and mission to bring information and analysis best-practices from other major industries to golf. Since its inception, Pellucid has either driven or been involved in every advance in the use of information and technology as the industry slowly closes the insight gap to other established industries.

2002 - First independent (non-industry association) national golf consumer survey, refuted industry assertion that participation was growing and golfer   defection was not an issue

2003 - Outside the Ropes newsletter launched, initially reaching 100-plus paying subscribers

2004 - Initial State of the Industry discussion in Orlando, key industry metrics established

2005 - First Golf Local Market Analysis software introduced, state-level participation & frequency, supply segmentation by price points, supply dilution quantified

2006 - Customer Franchise Analysis introduced in conjunction with Edgehill Golf Advisors using FORE! Reservations customer-to-transaction link. Launch 
of Sharper Edge Marketing services.

2007 - Weather Impact analysis introduced, Golf Playable Hours and Capacity Rounds measured down to individual facility level

2008 - Voice of the Local Golfer customer and local golfers' survey vehicle introduced

2009 - Facility Performance Scorecard introduced, first-ever integration of rounds, revenue and weather impact data to % Utilization and Revenue-per-Available-Round (RevpAR) measure. Customer Satisfaction Tracking introduced to assist clients eager to maintain standards of service and value

2010 - Launch of The Pellucid Perspective digital magazine, an independent and unbiased treatment of golf industry news and analysis. Also, customer acquisition email marketing introduced, along with reverse-append capabilities to convert customer phone numbers to useable email addresses

2011 - Introduction of industry-first real time weather impact analysis. This easy to use, affordable subscription service provides quick analysis on weather impact for individual facilities

2012 and beyond - Continued refinement of all current products and services always with eyes and ears open for new trends and methods of analysis that can be delivered affordably to the golf industry