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Golf Local Market Analyzer (GLMA)

Business Application
Web-access, real time, unlimited annual use of Pellucid's Golf Local Market Analyzer tool. Provides clients with a fast, multi-dimensional evaluation of the health of the local market for existing facilities, acquisition candidates and new developments. The GLMA software license provides analysis efficiency, flexibility, and immediate access to any geography in the United States. Software clients produce market analyses and exploratory information in minutes rather than hours or days and are generally organizations or individuals that have at least monthly needs for golf information across a range of geographies.

Provides a 9-dimensional view of any location in the US and multiple "draw areas" (mile radii or minute drivetime) integrating consumer, facility and demographic databases:

  • Population characteristics (size, composition, growth trends, density etc.)
  • Golfer base (number of participants, average frequency and Play Rate or Rounds-per-Capita)
  • Consumer rounds projections (weighted to local population by Income, Age & Ethnicity distribution)
  • Supply equilibrium state (too many courses [dilution], population growth [absorption])
  • Supply mix by facility type and balance relative to US distribution
  • Facility-reported rounds demand and velocity (throughput of facilities, comparisons to US by type)
  • Facility percent Utilization levels (demand vs. weather), Capacity Rounds by month and day-of-week graphs
  • Facility listing (location, pricing, price classification, distance from location), current & future
  • Mapping of supply level and mix against income distribution for up to 3 draw areas (miles or minutes)

Web-accessed, password protected annual license to the software to produce an unlimited number of pre-formatted reports and maps addressing the above business issues. All reports can be downloaded to Excel format, printed in their original format or transferred as images (maps etc.) to MS Office applications

For a WebEx demonstration on a geography of your choice, register HERE


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Basic version: $7,495

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