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What does La Purisima say about Pellucid's operations and marketing analysis?

Chris Bellamy and Sean Hecht were proud new owners of a former Golf Magazine top-100 golf course, La Purisima in Lompoc, CA. They had successfully negotiated a fair price, and were now faced with the daunting prospect of bringing back to prominence a grand lady that had fallen into some disrepair. Where would they start? What would give them the best chance for a decent return on investment? Who could they trust for advice and guidance?

Chris joined the California Golf Course Owners Association which led to subsequent discussions led to Pellucid associate Stuart Lindsay of Edgehill Golf Advisorsflying out to perform an operations analysis. The analysis included Pellucid's Golf Local Market Analysis report, a dissection of the data contained within the FORE Reservations point of sale system, interviews with all key personnel, and a thorough property inspection including labor, equipment, irrigation, and agronomic practices. Also, Lindsay reviewed the various marketing components used currently and in the past.

Bellamy and Hecht received an extensive, detailed report that has become their roadmap to follow for success. Also included was Lindsay's unique and proprietary budget workbook that operates as a living document with extensions that can go out as far as seven years. Additionally, Pellucid's Sharper Edge Marketing service was deployed to provide monthly performance reports and continuous marketing efforts and tracking. So far in 2014 weather is up 4%, and rounds and revenues are up double digits in the basically flat Southern California market.

"We couldn't be happier with the analysis and guidance we received", says owner Chris Bellamy. "We took a leap of faith hiring Pellucid based on the recommendations of others and they have not failed to deliver everything they promised. They not only know about the golf business, they truly care about ours. We worked closely with Pellucid for continuing input and advice. Sean and I hope our investment in La Purisima is the best we've ever made, and the investment we've made with Pellucid will be the second best.

“Bringing La Purisima back to prominence would be a challenge in any market, and is more so today due to declining participation”, says Stuart Lindsay. “But the property has good bones along with Chris and Sean being energetic, bright young owners. We’re happy they chose Pellucid to be part of their future success.”

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