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Pellucid Publications Membership (PPM)

Business application:
Provides a comprehensive view of key industry measures and dimensions as the background for strategic planning as well as periodic updates (Weather Impact, Outside the Ropes) in a cost-efficient bundled subscription package vs. individual report purchases.  PPM members automatically receive updates as they occur (they are the first recipients of any Pellucid updates or news) and also have online access to all current reports via members-only section on Pellucid website.

Annual subscription package of the below Pellucid reports:

  • Outside the Ropes (OtR) monthly digital newsletter ($130 if purchased individually)
  • State of the Industry Report (SoI) annual 3 component report ($199 if purchased individually)
  • US/Regional/Markets Weather Impact Tracking, monthly tracking report ($299 if purchased individually)
  • Top 25 US Golf Markets Scorecard & Health Ranking, annual report ($495 if purchased individually)
  • National Golf Consumer Franchise Health Scorecard, annual report ($199 if purchased individually)

Format & Delivery:
Various formats and timings:

  • OtR, digital newsletter delivered monthly via email (and access to historical archives of 65+ past articles)
  • SoI, annual report, PowerPoint presentation (45-50 slides), Adobe PDF Commentary report (25-30 pages), video of PGA Merchandise Show presentation (via Pellucid website)
  • US/Regional Markets Weather Impact Tracker, monthly Excel workbook, delivered via email (National version) or Cognilogic Facility-level annual license (Local version)
  • Top 25 US Golf Markets, annual report, delivered via Excel workbook (National version) or Market Analysis, 3 draw areas, 9-dimensional profile via Excel workbook (Local version)
  • National Golf Consumer Franchise Health Scorecard, annual report, delivered via Excel workbook

Samples of each component report are available at the respective Report Description page: Register HERE

Immediate upon credit card payment,
If invoice requested, within 1 business day

$495 (National or Local subscriptions)

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