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State of the Industry Report (SOI)

Read what Martin Kaufmann of Golfweek says about the 2014 Pellucid State of the Industry presentation: Click Here.

Business Application:
Annual scorecard of key industry health metrics that provides guidance and facts on the size, health and change in the macro golf economy. Of value to key industry stakeholders, service providers and observers as the unbiased backdrop of the golfer franchise, play and spending trends for reports and market sizing.

Presented annually at the PGA Merchandise Show to an invitation-only crowd of industry thought-leaders, this must-read report covers both the facts and trends in the golf industry. The opening section quantifies Pellucid's foundational scorecard metrics for the current year and historical trending;
  • US golfer base; size, composition (gender, age, income) and changes
  • Golfer base play dynamics (Participation, Frequency and Play Rates), changes
  • Golfer base involvement levels (Committed, Engageds, Casuals), sizes and change
  • Supply/demand levels, balance, changes
  • Rounds demand, % Utilization levels (weather adjusted), Revenue per Available Round (RevpAR)
  • Equipment spending, changes by major segments and retail channels

The commentary and insight section covers a changing annual list of current topical trends and their impact on the golf industry. Examples of topics recently presented in this section:

  • Expansion of 3rd Party Tee Time Marketers and giving them more inventory isn't the industry "solution"
  • New payment systems coming, decisions ahead, choose wisely
  • New payment systems will give us more analytics capabilities, are we ready for them?
  • Millennials want a "special occasion", using technology to know and recognize them will be a key enabler

Three report components included in the State of the Industry deliverable

  • 25-30 page Adobe .pdf commentary report including selected graphs and tables of performance measures and historical trending woven together with narrative commentary outlining the "storyline" of industry health
  • 30-45 chart MS PowerPoint presentation with expanded data and charts supported by key findings in bullet point format
  • Access to the 60-minute video of the PGA Show presentation by Jim and Stuart

For a sample report abstract, register HERE

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