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Privacy Policy

Pellucid Corp. respects the privacy rights of our guests, registrants, clients and business partners. Since the company's inception, Pellucid has been a responsible steward of information as well as honoring requests received to discontinue communications to disinterested parties in a timely manner. The following statements outline our use and responsibilities in protecting the privacy and the rights of those with whom we communicate.

Collection of personal information: Our website allows guests to register in order to receive additional information about Pellucid's products and services. We use this contact information to fulfill our guests' requests and this information is retained in Pellucid's database for future communications as well as historical reference regarding previous contacts with individuals and organizations in order to better serve prospective clients. We also actively collect information on companies and individuals which we believe could be prospective clients from public domain information and similarly place this information in our database of contacts. We do not rent, sell or distribute the information on either our clients or our guests to any outside or 3rd parties.

Broadcast E-mail communications: On occasion, Pellucid sends press releases of new services or samples of existing products to our database of clients and prospects (usually via E-mail). These outbound communications comply with all CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requirements and Pellucid's use of broadcast E-mail is monitored by our provider (1-2-1 Marketing). Every broadcast E-mail communication from Pellucid contains a clearly marked "Unsubscribe" feature and retains these unsubscribe instructions prohibiting Pellucid from reactivating these addresses at a later date or for other lists.

Credit card information: Outside The Ropes subscribers have the ability to pay for their annual subscription online using a valid credit card. In addition, from time to time, Pellucid clients may also choose to pay for other services using a credit card. Online transactions are processed through ETS secure servers with SSL encryption. For those transactions, credit card numbers, security codes or expiration dates provided are not available to Pellucid. For clients providing that information to Pellucid directly for billing of services, Pellucid manually enters the information into the ETS online merchant account system and then destroys the credit card information to protect both our clients and Pellucid.

Golf facility information: As part of Pellucid's ongoing data collection efforts as well as in the course of business with our clients, we either solicit or receive information on key measures such as pricing, rounds, revenue, etc. We treat all such information confidential and will not divulge facility-level indentifiable information to any party. Pellucid does however use this information in aggregated form (i.e. the average of a group of facilities) to both provide insight to our clients for benchmarking purposes as well as to non-participating entities at the aggregated level. Pellucid maintains rules and quality controls to ensure that no benchmarking data provided can be traced to a participating facility short of highly unlikely laborious and malicious reverse-engineering efforts by one of our clients. This confidentiality of facility data does not include public domain information on golf facilities such as facility type, number of holes, current rate card pricing, year opened etc.

If you believe your privacy rights have not been satisfactorily handled or Pellucid's actions with your information do not comply with the above, please contact us immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We take your privacy seriously and only wish to communicate with parties interested in our products and services.