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US/Regions/Markets Weather Impact Tracking

Business Application
Quantifies the impact of weather (positive, neutral, negative) on rounds demand each month and for the Year-to-Date (YtD) period at the national, 45 Pellucid weather-based regions and 61 Golf Datatech markets/states level.  Clients rely on this series of reports to determine weather’s impact on their business or the industry across geographies rather than focusing on one particular facility.  By contrasting to their business performance, they can determine whether the weather had a meaningful impact on their results and, if so, what portion of their performance can be attributed to weather (uncontrollable factor) vs. operations (controllable factor).

Provides the percent change in Golf Playable Hours (GPH), Pellucid’s basic building block of weather impact, aggregated from hourly data at individual facility level.  We start with hourly weather factors over a 10-year period back from yesterday and apply Pellucid/Edgehill “rules” which include temperature, precipitation, daylight hours, windspeed etc. to quantify the number of golf playable hours that existed.  From that basic building block, we produce the regional GPH variances at the heart of this report.  By applying “rounds contribution” weights to the regional results, we produce the industry’s only national weather impact values.  Key attributes of the report:

  • GPH % change for 45 Pellucid weather regions and the Total US
  • For the current month, the YtD period, all completed quarters in the current calendar year
  • A map of the 45 regions and the % change in GPH for the YtD period
  • For the previous month, the national % Utilization Rate and Point Change by incorporating the Golf Datatech/NGF rounds played information at the national and markets/states level
  • Regional breadth measure (# of regions up/neutral/down) for each month reported
  • A timeseries report/table of the individual months’ results throughout the calendar year
  • For the market/state level report, provides the % Utilization Rate benchmark for 61 markets/states and the current month and YtD change in Utilization

Excel workbook with multiple worksheets for the map view, current month, previous month (regions and markets/states if contracted) and timeseries results. Reports are delivered via email monthly to subscribers within 10 business days of the previous month end.

For a sample Excel workbook of results, register HERE

Reports available within 2 business days after credit card payment

US/Regional/Markets Weather Impact Tracking – Monthly tracking: $299 ($25/month, 12 months)

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