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Cognilogic - Online Weather Impact Analysis

Cognition:the act or process of knowing.
Logic:the system or principles of reasoning applicable to any branch of knowledge or study.

Business Application
An intelligent analysis of golf course performance cannot begin without accurate measurements of weather's impact. Cognilogic is the industry's first recognition that every golf course needs a simple, reliable, and affordable way to access this information. It is this "process of knowing" that will enable course operators to apply a principle of reasoning to every performance metric.

Cognilogic is the golf industry's first and only web-based, real-time, facility-level weather impact reporting service. It provides clients with the key measures of Golf Playable Hours (GPH) and weather-adjusted Capacity Rounds (CR). It assigns the most proximate of over 2000 official weather stations to every golf course in the U.S. and provides weather data for:

  • Current month, year-to-date, and full year periods
  • Monthly timeseries for the current year
  • Day of week comparisons
  • Comparisons of key metrics against the 10-year normal

Our proprietary formula uses temperature (absolute and relative), precipitation, wind speed, daylight, and other variables to produce the foundational GPH measure. Also calculated and incorporated are season start and end periods for facilities that have less than 12-month seasons, to show how these critical "shoulders" have varied over the past three years.

Incorporated in the calculation of Capacity Rounds is a static throughput of 28 players/hour. Using our static throughput-driven CR allows course operators to effectively evaluate managerial changes effecting configuration of their tee sheet-start times, tee time intervals, split-tee usage, etc. Operators can also "customize" their CR calculations by applying their own actual tee sheet interval throughput to the GPH measure.   

Reports can be ordered on a one-time basis for $120; or as an annual license that includes a year-end report plus unlimited 12-month web access for $240, so you can monitor changes as often as you like - monthly, weekly, or daily.

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Within 5 business days (time to associate appropriate weather station and activate in our weather database system)

Single Year End Report: $200
Year End Report + Monthly Updates: $275

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