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Cognilogic Foresight

Facility-level, web-delivered Capacity Rounds/Weather forecast application

Business application:
Cognilogic Foresight complements our Cognilogic historical weather impact tool at facility level by providing the forward-looking version of weather translated into our proprietary Capacity Rounds metric.  While weather forecasting is an inexact science by nature, Foresight provides the best science-based visibility to the next 60 days for any US golf location and how temperatures (both absolute and relative), precip, wind speed and other factors will likely influence rounds played (and reservations) for each day.

Developed in conjunction with Edgehill Golf Advisors and our commercial-grade weather partner, AccuWeather, Foresight is the golf industry's first and only web-based, facility-level weather forecast-linked-to-projected Capacity Rounds delivered in real time over the web.  It uses our unique assignment (Cognilogic) of each US golf facility to the most proximate of over 2,000 US weather stations in order to provide relevant forecast/Capacity Rounds data for the current day, the previous five days and the upcoming 60 days.  In the daily Foresight report available on demand through the Foresight web portal it provides these facts:

  • Capacity rounds (for an 18-hole equivalent or EHE) facility; current year, last year and the 10-yr Norm
  • Hi and low temperatures by day for the Current Year, Last Year and 10-Yr Norm (this is one of 10+ variables that go into our Capacity Rounds calculation)
  • Daily water forecast by day for the Current Year, Last Year and 10-Yr Norm (also one of 10+ variables that go into our Capacity Rounds calculation based on both quantity and forecast time of day for closer-in periods like upcoming week)
  • Both table and graphic format are provided, the report/table data can be exported into Excel for use in other applications (see illustration below) while the graphic provides a quick review of current vs. previous year, better/worse trends through visualization

Course operators have relayed that they're currently attempting this feat through multiple sources (Farmer's Almanac for long-range trends, Weather.com and manually extracting daily values for hi/low/% precip etc. which is painful and inaccurate but of course an option) all the while having no way to translate those various data sources into one, consistent number that attempts to forecast demand.  Others have mentioned that this should be a required component of yield management systems as these forecast data heavily influence booking patterns and general interest in tee times/pricing.  Finally, superintendents for whom we've previewed it indicate that it will be an efficient and essential way for them to anticipate conditions for agronomy applications as well as when they're likely to get more play/wear & tear etc.

Format & Delivery:
Available as an annual service via subscription.  Users will have unlimited access during the subscription period to run the application for the weather station assigned to their facility for the annual fee.  Export to Excel for either printing or use in other applications.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, below is our thousand words version:


Register here for a Foresight report sample (not specific to your facility, that would give away the value in the next sixty days, we're generous but not that much...)

Activation for use within 2 business days (generally same or next day)
Annual, unlimited web access license, single user


  • Annual, unlimited web access license: $360 per facility

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LIMITED TIME OFFER! Foresight is also part of the Golf Market Research Center (GMRC) Charter Member program being offered 6/1-7/31/21. Charter Members pay $400-$500 per course and receive the Comparative Performance reports and annual licenses for both Cognilogic & Foresight as part of the "bundle". Contact Jim K. if interested or click here for more info!