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Clear Solutions for the Business of Golf

  • “I regard the "Pellucid Boys" as the industry's real optimists. There is nothing optimistic or positive about putting your head in the sand. Indeed, it is among the most pessimistic of acts; it means that you don't think you can face hard truths and prevail.” - Craig Kessler, Director, Gov’t Affairs, Southern California Golf Association

  • “Solutions require facts based in reality, not feel-good perceptions. Pellucid continues to have the clearest understanding of the Golf Industry, bar none.” - Chris and Mike Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf Course Design

  • “There is an "We've always done it that way" mentality in the golf industry and partially for good reason maintaining the history of the game is paramount. That said the ability and willingness to look at situations and provide clear thinking is significant. This is what the Pellucid Report brings and makes it well worth reading.” - Barney Adams, Founder, Adams Golf

  • “Morton Golf believes in listening to our customers. When we conduct a survey to determine our future goals and objectives, we use Pellucid. We have found their process in creating a survey, completing a survey and preparing the information from their survey to be vitally important in prioritizing what we should be focusing on as a company.” - Ken Morton Sr., CEO, Morton Golf LLC

  • “We find Pellucid's reporting and analysis to be very insightful and helpful in running our business. No organization in golf is more passionate about data and 'getting it right' than the team at Pellucid. We believe that they have elevated the conversation in golf.” - Steve Skinner, President, KemperSports Management

  • “It's not always a pretty picture they paint. But it's one I'd take seriously if I owned a golf course and wanted to recruit more players and price the tee sheet to maximize revenues.” - Bradley S. Klein, Architecture editor, GolfWeek

  • “I read Pellucid's reports and have used their analytical services. The work is cold-eyed and independent. It therefore has real value.” - Tom Isaak, President, CourseCo, Inc

  • “Jim Koppenhaver and Stuart Lindsay were a pleasure to work with and clearly understand today's golf climate. More important, they can help you identify opportunities to keep your golf course performing optimally in these challenging times.” - Mary Van Arsdale, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Lake Forest, Il"

  • “As a Securities Analyst covering the golf industry, I find Pellucid Corp. to be a wonderful second source. I am obliged to try to predict the future. Pellucid is how I check to see what is, versus what I thought was going to be. No analyst can be successful unless he has reliable tools to double check the results of his research. When the facts change, my opinion has to change. And Pellucid brings me those facts in a way that I can trust the data and draw even more reliable conclusions about the future of the golf industry.” - Casey Alexander, Special Situations Analyst, Gilford Securities, Inc.

  • “I look forward to reading the Pellucid electronic newsletter. There is a distinct "tell it like it is" style, with no sugar coating. You can count on their team to provide valuable insight on trends affecting our industry, allowing owner/operators to tailor business plans to succeed in a challenging environment..” - David Norman, Executive Director, NGCOA Mid-Atlantic .

  • “The PGA Show over the years has been an amazing tool for the professionals in our industry, providing an incredible opportunity to see everything vital to what we do. If I had a top 10 list, the Pellucid State of the Industry presentation comes in at #1. It is "the best hour spent in Orlando", I look forward to it every year.” - Scott Evans, PGA,Head Golf Professional, The Bull at Pinehurst Farms .

The Pellucid Approach

Pellucid Corp. is the recognized golf industry thought leader for key issue identification, intelligent analysis and actionable insight. We apply our proven approach to every problem:

  • Determine our client's key business issues
  • Use, source, or create the required information resources
  • Apply creative and proven analyses to the information
  • Use business experience and knowledge to make actionable recommendations

The result is fact-based, pragmatic answers to our clients' business issues which, when consistently applied and tracked, produce revenue and profit growth or operational efficiencies.

New Clients and Projects

Cognilogic, GLMA and Course Aquisition Projects

Cornell University (9 Cognilogic Pellucid/Edgehill Weather Stations)

Big 10 University - Potential Course Acquisition

Big 10 University – GLMA and Pellucid/Edgehill Weather

Private University in Michigan – Potential Course Acquisition


Facility Market and Operations Reviews 

Dundee (IL) Park District (2 courses)

Madison (WI) Park District (4 courses)

Confidential Operations Review - California


Indianapolis Park District Master Plan with Ratio Architects (11 courses)

Golf Local Market Analyzer Reports
Ohio, Texas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, Michigan, Arizona, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusettes

Client News & Testimonials

 Pellucid quoted in WSJ article on "Let's Play 5"

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 Pellucid chats with Chronogolf on how PoS systems could do more for marketing

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Pellucid's Sharper Edge Marketing helps Heritage Bluffs beat the market.

"The key for us has been Pellucid’s ability to identify customers by type and value and message them accordingly." Read More Here

Pellucid's Voice of Local Golfer survey helps Cinnabar Hills understand their customers.

“We like to think of ourselves as fairly smart golf course operators. Part of this is to know other smart people to turn to for research, analysis, and advice. That’s why we choose Pellucid – the value they bring far exceeds the amount I write on their check.” Read More Here

Pellucid helps new course owners at La Purisima with operations, marketing, and budgeting.

"We took a leap of faith hiring Pellucid based on the recommendations of others and they have not failed to deliver everything they promised." Read More Here

Pellucid's Cognilogic weather service helps Chardonnay GC understand weather's impact on performance.

“I would strongly recommend any golf course operator or owner to partner with Pellucid/Edgehill Analytics by subscribing to this service! At just $120 a year, it’s one of the best expenditures we make.” Read More Here