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Custom Projects

Business Application
Although Pellucid is primarily a syndicated information and insight provider, we will take on custom consulting projects where we have particular expertise and bandwidth on a limited basis throughout the year.  Most of our custom project clients seek a balanced and independent analysis of a business situation and guidance on strategic issues for their business.

Each project is somewhat unique so a better explanation of what we do is a genericized description of some of the projects we’ve completed over the past several years:
  • Comprehensive review of disparate customer information for a leading equipment manufacturer resulting in a recommendation to standardize (same basic facts, some customization across brand sites) and harmonize (actually integrate and recognize consumers who are multi-brand purchasers in the databases) to create a competitive advantage vs. the other 3 major manufacturers.
  • Advise a consortium of municipal golf courses on the potential impact of a politically-charged new facility site resulting from the closure of a military base and a Federal grant of an existing golf course and land to a local municipality which would compete with the existing consortium.  We outlined both the risk of the development to the municipality receiving the land grant as well as the economic impact to the peer municipalities.
  • Market-sizing and competitive intelligence for a nationally-known golf instructor and his investment group who were assessing the risk/reward of expanding their Jr. Golf academy program.  We provided strategic advice and guidance the potential universe of students, required cannibalization rates, pricing thresholds, required components of their offering and the impact on this expansion should the economy turn south.
  • Analysis and advisory services to a leading 3rd Party Tee Time Distributor on the size of the market, key leverage points and barriers to growth and a blueprint for successful expansion that would produce a win for the facility operators, the service provider and golfers.
  • Evaluation of the national market for indoor golf entertainment facilities and application of that learning to the feasibility of multiple US locations down to financial projections for the selected initial site.

Most custom projects begin with a client briefing outlining the business issues, the current knowledge, the desired information gaps and the desired outcome (not the recommendation direction but the components that need to be addressed in the final presentation).  Most include a combination of information, analysis and insight that shape and support the final recommendation to the client for their consideration.

Because each project is custom and the property of the client upon completion, there are no samples of our completed custom projects.

Generally 4-6 week assignments but some result in retainers of 12 months or more to provide ongoing advice on future decision points or helping interpret results of implementation of programs.

Ranges from $10,000-$100,000 depending on the scope and duration of the project, each project is priced uniquely.

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